Of course the U.S. Government needs to cut WASTEFUL SPENDING. The insanity comes with the details. Why cut programs for the needy first like Medicare and Healthcare, Education, Social Security, Hunger Programs, Law Enforcement, Parks, and Environmental Protection? They should first stop a couple of wars, stop building “roads and bridges to nowhere”, eliminate corporate welfare, and make everyone pay their fair share of taxes including the corporations.

The tax situations is shameful. The government will hound the average guy for a few thousand dollars but will allow a company like GE, through various loopholes, to pay no taxes and get a $3 billion tax credit. I know that Corporate America must make a decent profit, but they don’t have to make a killing. Corporations should have a minimum tax rate that they MUST PAY.  This rate should be somewhere between 1-10%. Loopholes should not be allowed to reduce this minimal obligation. These multibillion dollar corporations can afford to pay at least 1% on their net profits. They should also include the money they make overseas as income and be taxed on it.

These are just some common sense ideas to help our country get financially fit again. Tell me what you think.