Fox News has finally shown its true colors as the guest host on Hannity Thursday night, cheered Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer for “getting in the grill” of President Obama after Gov. Brewer waved her index finger directly in the face of the President. How dare they disrespect the President of our great country. It’s no secret that Republicans are not in love with President Obama, but what I want to know is, since when did it become acceptable to “get in the grill” of the President of the United States. Other disrespectful moments include: “You Lie” from a member in Congress during a State of the Union address, A Supreme Court Justice shaking his head while saying, “That’s not true”, ordinary citizens carrying guns to some of Obama’s speeches, and who can forget Obama made up to look like Hitler. These things are unprecedented in the treatment of a sitting President.

The mothers and fathers of thousands of military personnel did not openly disrespect President Bush as the Iraq war dragged on for years with no apparent reason and their children were ultimately killed. If anyone should have been angry enough to disrespect a President, the parents of those brave soldiers should have been. All I can say is, shame on you Fox, for nurturing a climate of racism, because that’s the only explanation for this kind of aberrant behavior. Just be careful Fox, because the Independent voters are watching your show too.