For those of you who can’t believe Donald Trump won in 2016 and lost in 2020, here is a brief review of the events leading up to this Political Anomaly.

  • 2008, Republicans left the Nation at war, in recession, and with a huge deficit. Trump got national attention when he suggested Obama was not born in the U.S. This was like a tropical depression that seeds a hurricane.
  • Obama was elected President and Republicans vowed to obstruct his legislative agenda to make him a one term President. During Obama’s Presidency, Republicans created a spike in Filibusters, shut down the government, refused to raise the debt ceiling which downgraded U.S. credit, and denied confirmation of Supreme Court Justices (because it was an election year in 2016) and other Federal appointments.
  • The Tea Party was organized in 2008, Republicans got majorities in the House in 2010 and the Senate in 2012, and there was political gridlock for 8 years. The Party of NO was very successful.
  • By 2016, even though Obama and Democrats had successfully saved the economy, lowered unemployment, and was drawing down Troops from the war, Americans hated the Political gridlock and erroneously blamed the Obama Administration when it was clearly the Republicans initiating legislative obstruction, and making up new rules.
  • During the 2016 Presidential election, the people wanted a non politician because of the gridlock and misplaced blame on President Obama. Donald Trump was the only candidate that wasn’t a politician and Hillary Clinton was perceived as corrupt. Republicans in Congress and Republican voters ignored the fact that Hillary had undergone numerous Congressional hearings ran by Republicans, and was never charged with any wrongdoing. By continuing to condemn her, they were also ignoring the Constitution which said she was innocent until proven guilty.
  • Despite known Trump poor business records of bankruptcies, failed product lines, stiffing creditors, a discrimination case, the Access Hollywood Tape, trying to hide an affair, disrespecting John McCain’s war record, calling Hispanic refugees rapist and murders, and encouraging violence against peaceful protestors at his campaign rallies, people still voted Trump in as the 45th President of the United States.
  • 2016-2019, Some Republican voters said they held their nose when they voted for Trump. Others said he would pivot to become more Presidential. Still others put their faith in Trumps perceived expertise in money management despite his failures. In addition to his business problems, Trump had glaring personal character flaws. but he and every other President Elect deserved the right to prove themselves.
  • Trump started out his Presidency by giving a divisive Inaugural Address, lying about his crowd size, pulling out of peace and climate treaties, trying to get rid of healthcare without a replacement plan, initiating a religious Muslim travel ban, using Military funds to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico that he said Mexico would pay for. Later he would criticize our allies and praise Dictators, put children in cages, would not give a full-throated denouncement of white supremacist, stated he was the smartest man ever, would never admit he was wrong or apologize when wrong, and reneged on important issues like DACA. Finally, he believed Putin over U.S. Intelligence Agencies regarding 2016 election interference, he didn’t seem interested in finding out more about Russian bounties on U.S. Troops, he would never show college grades, his Taxes, or honor subpoenas during his impeachment. He encouraged his staff not to cooperate with the investigation. Usually when you avoid transparency, you have something to hide. Although the Mueller report couldn’t prove collusion, it did outline 10 cases for obstruction which some Republicans acknowledged had occurred, but stated it didn’t warrant removing Trump from office. He was caught on tape admitting to downplaying the severity of COVID-19. He lied to the American people saying it would soon be gone with warmer weather, it was like the regular flu, you could inject disinfectant or introduce UV light into the body to kill the virus. This is where Trump ignored science and facts and masks became optional. The result was a Cat-5 Hurricane ignored by Trump and now over 260,000 people are dead. Trump has shown no empathy for these fallen Americans. He got sick with COVID-19 and started a viral wildfire in the White House. Last but not least, Trump was suggesting 2020 election fraud months before the election. Since he lost the Popular and the Electoral College vote, he is even more aggressive at trying to prove voter fraud. The problem is, over 40 of his law cases have been dismissed for lack of evidence. There are Republican Judges and Republican Legislators that say there is no voter fraud. Proof of Trump lying to the very end. At this point, Trump is delusional. He still thinks he won the election by millions of votes. Those delusions signal that Trump is mentally ill and should be immediately removed from office via the 25th Amendment. Think of the harm he could do before January 20, 2021.

How can you support a man with all this baggage. All he has really done is destabilized our world leadership and respect, divide our country, refused to try and heal our country, lowered taxes for people and company’s with plenty of money, appointed conservative Supreme Court Justices, and blocked Hispanic refugees from seeking asylum. Was any of this worth ripping our country apart? He ran the White House like a reality show and Scandals became frequent parts of the show for 4 years. People simply got tired of hearing about Trump everyday. So the majority spoke at the voting booth. They wanted some Republicans, but not Trump. The Constitution with its checks and balances worked. Hopefully we will heal the country’s wounds, and the people of our great nation will continue to have a say in how we are governed.