Don’t get me wrong ladies you are by far the most important creatures in the universe. Not to mention EYE CANDY. You’ll never have to worry about getting attention from the guys. You are all that and a bag of chips. But with all you got going, I’m still glad to be a guy. The first reason is because of you. The fact that you exist is all that we need, and you’re the best thing that’s happened to us. Look at you, those curves, that hair, your skin so soft, and your alluring voice. I could stop right there but being a guy has a few other benefits. take for instance our obsession with sex. I know that sounds gross, but for 15 seconds,(sorry ladies), it drives us out of our minds. We might as well be on drugs because you can get away with anything when we’ve had a little sex. And then there’s sports.Take your pick, football, basketball, baseball, boxing, any kind of racing, The almighty dare, and whatever is bigger, faster, stronger, or smarter, (this one you ladies don’t have to worry about). We instantly become real life gladiators, but without the death or maiming. I almost forgot food. We don’t only eat a lot of it, but most of the top chefs in the world are men. Finally, I have to mention the elephant in the room. Male Genitals. You can call them whatever you want but they are very useful tools. You can write your name in the snow, you can clamp them off so that you don’t pee your pants, you can shoot them like a gun, and you can caress them like a woman. Yeah, being a man definitely has its advantages, but ladies, you’re our only competition.